Solve It In A Snap is a series of 11 videos created for IKEA Social Media. Each Video shows quick and easy solutions to common household problems, such as cluttered entryways, not enough closet space, or preparing for a dinner party. I was involved in every aspect of each video’s creation including set design, propping, on set directing, and editing. Photographs taken during each shoot were also used on 
CASE study: Living Room Refresh 
For the 6th video in our series we showcased all the ways you can completely change the look, mood, and feel of your room simply by making a few easy updates. We started with a basic living room set-up in a neutral color palette. Then, using slipcovers, cushion covers, curtains and accessories, we cycled through three different styles- Coastal Casual, Dark and Sophisticated, and Earthy Desert- to show how easy it is to update your look.
Styling & Prop Board: coastal casual
Styling & Prop Board: Dark & Sophisticated
Styling & Prop Board: Earthy Desert
Final Video
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