Penn medicine
For The Penn Medicine Cancer Center our team created two concepts that were presented to the client. 
It TAkes penn medicine
Cancer takes many forms. Cancer treatment takes a lot from you. 
And to take it on, it takes decades of cancer research. 
It takes teams filled with the top professionals in the country.
It takes first-of-their-kind treatments, developed right here.
It takes personalized care. 
It takes Penn Medicine to take back what cancer takes from you.

It Takes Penn Medicine.
the force of penn medicine
Penn Medicine is an unstoppable force. 

A force amassed by thousands of hours of clinical research; 
a power harnessed by doctors to heal both body and spirit. 
It’s a team by your side, when you feel the most alone you’ve ever felt. 
Never overbearing. It’s compassion, a human touch. 
When treatment doesn’t treat you so kindly, we do.
Cancer is powerful. With us, you’re unwavering. 
The brightest minds in the darkest times. 
That’s the force of Penn Medicine.
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